How to push information from an external application to WizyRoom.

  • Requirements :
    • Postman chrome extension: link.
    • Your WizyRoom account information: link.


First of all install Postman extension then click on this sample. Click on Run in Postman button to load the sample in your Postman extension. All you have to do now is click on team Folder in the left sidebar then click on body tab then select raw

You can now see the example json file to send data replace values by your WizyRoom account information.


Simple integration : (to be able to push information using Wizy Bot)


  • Your_domain_id can be found in your account info, under teamdomain.
  • Token can be found under Integration menu API under Domain Token.
  • Workroom_id  is the room ID in which you want to push the message. It can be found .in url of your desired room for example in this url :

The room id is 4869698814476288.


  • Body is the message content that you want to log to your room for your test.



Custom integration : To be able to push information to WizyRoom using a specific user or bot you have to add:


  • Membership_id. This can be your email address if you want to write with your name or your bot id if you want to use a bot*.
  • Token. If Membership_id is your email address use Domain Token otherwise use bot token.

Finally click on the Send button (The blue button in Postman extension). Go to your room and you see your message.

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