How to clip emails with the WizyRoom Chrome extension

Install WizyRoom clipper from the Chrome Web Store:


Once Installed you will see the WizyRoom clipper on the top right of your Chrome browser.



Refresh your Chrome browser (1) and you are ready to start clipping (2) your emails (3) to your WizyRoom.



You can also send email directly to a WizyRoom: Can I send an email to a WizyRoom?



Tip: If you are unable to clip your emails, check your Chrome settings. Type chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings in your Chrome address bar and choose Restore settings to their original defaults. 

Once you restore settings to their original defaults you will need to re-enable WizyRoom clipper. Type chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome address bar.

Your clipped email will appear in the room you have chosen and shared with members of that room. 

You will be able to reply (1), edit or delete (2) your clipped email. 

Click on the email subject (3) to open 

Members in the room will be able to reply to your clipped email.






Attachments from clipped emails are uploaded automatically to the Room’s Drive Tab and shared with all members of the Room




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