How to take control of Google Drive with WizyRoom

WizyRoom saves time and takes away confusion because it allows you to create and share Google Drive files right inside the chat rooms, where you work with your team.

In the chat thread, you can perform any of the following actions: Create a note, Create a calendar event, Add an existing file, and Create a new Drive file.


The results of any of these actions is automatically shared with members of the chat group. For example, you add a Google Doc inside a chat group by clicking Add Existing File or Create Google Drive file in the chat stream. Once created, the file is instantly accessible to everyone inside the group. Your team members can then give their comments about the doc by clicking Reply beside the chat message.


Clicking the Reply button will also open the threaded conversation about the file. You will find this in the right sidebar. You instantly see the flow of discussion this way.


To make working together easy, everybody can find files, notes, and events right inside the room. Go to the Drive tab, and find all the files uploaded into the room or created in it. Click on any item and open the file in another tab. Click on the line where the item is found and open the threaded conversation about the file.


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