What does "Done No editors added" mean?

You will get the message “Done No editors added” in the Data Merge Status column [1] if you have not set-up an email recipient [2] in order for your generated documents to be shared and the recipient notified by email. Your documents can be retrieved on your spreadsheet under the column Document URL [3] and will not be shared with anyone.


If you Share your generated documents the recipient will be notified by email and the Status will be "Done" in column Data Merge Status


Very occasionally you may encounter the message "Done No editors added" in the Data Merge Status column even though you have set up your sheet with a "Share to" address. This a server error coming from Google. To get around this we suggest you delete the words "Done No editors added" as well as the generated file from your spreadsheet and hit generate again.

If you are using the function Form Submit to email your documents and one of your rows has "Done No editors added Email not sent, no recipient" instead of "Done", follow these 3 steps:

1. Click "Unschedule" at the bottom of your side bar. 

2. Delete the text "Done No editors added Email not sent, no recipient" as well as the information in cells to the right (mail Tracking Status and Document URL)

3. Hit generate

Once you have seen "Done" on your spreadsheet you can choose the function "On Form Submit" once again




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