How to chat with your GApps team in WizyRoom

In WizyRoom, everything happens around chat. And chatting is easy. In the main Chat tab, just type what you have to say and press enter. All your teammates in the chat room will see it. Mention specific team members when you need to.

You can see which of your team members are available and online in the right sidebar of your app. Global teams will appreciate that the local time is displayed for each team member.

With WizyRoom, you can work in your Google Apps as you chat. As you create messages, you can also write a note, assign a task, fix a calendar event, add an existing file, or create a new Drive file.

All these actions will be shared automatically with all your teammates inside the room. Everybody can find the tasks, files, events and notes later on in the other tabs of the app.

Hate it when you lose track of the flow of team discussions? With WizyRoom you can view threaded conversations. Team members can reply to each other’s chat comments inside the main thread. Click on a comment, and see the replies to it display on the right sidebar.




Type ":" in the message bar to see a list of emoticons you can send



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