What is WizyRoom?

WizyRoom is the new multifunction chat application for teams using Google Apps.

Its three main features are the following: (1.) Group chat by topic, (2.) Tasks management, and (3.) File sharing in Google Drive

Think of it as Slack, Trello, Evernote and Google Drive, all rolled together into one great app. It saves you time, as you eliminate having to switch from one app to another.


WizyRoom will increase team collaboration, with its rich messaging features and video chat via Google Hangouts. WizyRoom is the only chat app that allows you to view threaded conversations. Now you don’t lose track of the flow of your discussions.

Tasks management features makes organizing projects and to-do lists easy. You create your tasks and assign them right where you work with your team.

You can create notes, files, links and tasks from one interface, shared with all team members. They’re kept accessible inside the room. This saves time and eliminates confusion because team members can find everything they need easily.

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