WizyGmail is not working well for me! Why?

Chrome extensions work in the environment of the user’s own Chrome browser. If they have other extensions for Gmail installed in their browser, these may cause conflicts that will prevent WizyGmail from working optimally.

This is why WizyGmail offers many functionalites. So you only need one Chrome extension instead of many.

If you are having issues with WizyGmail, we suggest you try the following:

  1. Disable or trash all the other extensions you don’t need here. Type chrome://extensions in your chrome address bar
  2. If you are running WizyGmail in incognito mode, make sure you check the box Allow in incognito from the Chrome settings menu. Type chrome://extensions/ in your chrome address bar
  3. Check you are using the latest version of the extension: https://goo.gl/YzxoWp
  4. Check you are using the latest version of Chrome: Chrome > About Google Chrome or type chrome://help in your Chrome address bar
  5. If you have multiple accounts we recommend using one account per Chrome session: https://goo.gl/ujfnfo
  6. Ensure activation is switched on from the drop down menu at the top right of your Gmail


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