Email tracking doesn't work. Why?

Q. I know my recipient opened the email I sent but email tracking says it is unopened. Why?
A. Email tracking will work if the recipient has chosen to show images by default when he opens his email. Tracking works with an invisible image embedded in the email. If the recipient has set his email client to hide images, tracking will not work. 
For example, if your recipient sees the message below on the email you sent, then email tracking will not work unless the recipient clicks on the message "Display images below" or "Always display images from xxx."

Most email clients do not block images by default, though, so you will encounter this with just a small percentage of your recipients, if at all. 


Q. My recipient got a message "Parts of this message have been blocked for your safety." Why?

A. Images in some email clients, for example Outlook, are by default hidden as a "security precaution" and you have to click to "see the image"
Q. The links in my email have been clicked but WizyGmail is not showing those links as having been clicked. Why?
A. WizyGmail will only track links that are in text/word format. You can do this in Gmail by using the insert link tool.
For example, we will track the link behind the text Google Maps
We will not track
Q. Only recorded a single  open on Mac mail client even after shutting down and restarting. So basically after first open it's not recording further opens. Why?
A. This is normal, since gMail cache the tracking image after first loading


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