Step 4 - Advanced settings

Going to the Advanced tab  (1) of Form Workflow will give you some more options.

Responses settings 

=> In order to enable "Send back to requestor" functionality, complete first the Requestor Email box, then tick "Allow Send back to requestor"

=> Tick "Allow on Hold" to authorize reviewers to put requests on hold

=> Tick "Active mobile validation" to enable:

  • validation from the reviewers Email mobile App
  • as well as validation from a Microsoft mail client / webApp 

Check this post for more details

Requestor email

Select the Sheet column containing the requestor(s) email address, in order to enable "Send back to requestor" functionality in response settings.

Email template 

Click on + (2) to personalize your email template.

Choose from the available fields list to personalize your template.

Why doesn't our workflow notification show proper values?



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