How do I know if my email has been opened?

Live notification

WizyGmail will send you a live notification informing you as soon as the person you are emailing opens your message.  Inside the live notification itself, you can do two things: (1.) Open the email that you are tracking. (2.)  Mute the conversation.


You’ll then stop receiving the live notification, an option you may want if you emailed multiple recipients.


Tracking eye

Hover your mouse over the eye. A tool tip will give you the details you need. It will change from grey to green as soon as someone has opened your email and show how many times the email has been opened and when.





Open WizyGmail sidebar. Here you have a summary. You’ll see a list of the tracked emails you have sent a particular contact, as well as the details of when he opened them.


From your mobile device you can visit the portal at to check Email Tracking Reports.



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