Why is the reviewer not receiving Request for Validation emails anymore?

1. Check that Workflow activation is on at ALL times. If you close your spreadsheet and forms are submitted during your absence, the reviewer will still get an email asking for validation. If a form is submitted when Workflow activation is off, the reviewer will not get an email.

2. Search  all email with as subject:(request for validation)

3. If a reviewer gets many emails on the same day with the same subject  title, emails will be stacked on top of each other in the same thread. Just click on the 3 little buttons at the end of the email to "show trimmed content" to see the validation module.

4. Make sure you have not deleted Form Workflows validation columns on your spreadsheet.

5. If your internet connection drops out the reviewer may not get an email. Go to the Reports tab and click the "Not Processed" button. This will create a Form Workflow ID and send a Request for Validation email to the reviewer. 


6. Keep your browser up to date. We recommend chrome as our applications are built on the Google Cloud Platform. Type chrome://help/ in your chrome address bar to update.

6. Start the add-on from a new spreadsheet if the add-on is no longer responding to your current spreadsheet


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