Step 3 - Specify your reviewers

Click on Setup reviewer(s)

The default reviewer will be the workflow owner

Click on the pencil to change the default reviewer or add more reviewers. You can add as many reviewers as you like. Once one of them acts on the request, it is considered done.

Tip: The email address is saved if it has turned grey. If it doesn't turn grey hit Enter or Return on your keyboard after each email entry.


Once you have added all your reviewers, click Update.

To add Conditional validation reviewers inside a step, click the + button (1) to enter the conditional validation criteria (2) and Reviewer(s). You can add multiple Conditional validations & Reviewers for each validation step. 

If conditions are met only the email(s) specified for this condition will receive the email to validate request.

As soon as one of them acts on it (approves it, declines it, puts it on hold, or sends it back to the requestor), the request is closed to the others.

If conditions are not met the request for validation email will go to the default reviewer.


Our blog post here: explains the process in details

Tick the 2nd Validation Step box in your sidebar to repeat



Can I add a non-Google account as reviewer/approver?


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