What is Form Workflow ?

On a Google spreadsheet linked to a Google form, you can quickly set up a validation workflow on each form submission.

It begins from the spreadsheet. You will activate Form Workflow and specify your reviewer. You can add another level to the process, where a second reviewer acts on the submission after the first reviewer has done with it.  For both levels, there can be one reviewer or several.

 At any level, you can also set conditions. You can tell the add-on to send one set of requests to one reviewer, and another set of requests to another reviewer.

Reviewers will receive an email and will be able to act on the submission directly from their Gmail. They have four options: approve, decline, on hold, or send back to requestor.

You can check on the status of all the requests from your spreadsheet. A simple audit trail is offered in order to track all the events.

Freemium plans have a quota of 50 requests. Lift this quota and get the Pro plan at US$6/month, billed annually. Only the workflow owner needs a plan. Reviewers and requestors don’t need it for the process to work.

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