STEP 6 - Run the process and check the process reports

1. Check your settings and click Generate.

Choose from the drop up menu when to generate your documents and/or mail merge

Documents are generated from the template and data source spreadsheet, then saved in the destination folder specified.

If you have chosen to share your generated google documents users will be notified by email.

If you have checked the box Mail Merge recipients will receive Mail and/or Documents via email


2. Check your process.

A summary report appears at the end.


3 new columns will be added to your spreadsheet to show the process status.



If you run the process again, only rows not marked Done will be used to generate documents and send emails.

If you want to process the same row again just delete Done (1) then generate again. If you have a generated file under Document URL column it will be replaced with the new updated generated document.




==> A row is inserted when I generate on Form Submit making my formula useless. What's the solution

==> Can I generate documents for certain rows and not for others?    

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