STEP 5 - Configure Mail Merge section

Here we'll help you configure the Mail Merge section.

Configure the required settings.

1. Email template: Create the template that will be the body of your email message.

Use Available Tags to personalize your message.


Insert web images and links

== > How to insert a photo into a Mail Merge template


2. Email Sender: This is an optional field.

3. Email Subject: The column that will provide the information for the subject line of the emails to be sent. 

4. Recipients: The column containing the email addresses of your email recipients.

You also have the option to add cc and bcc recipients



If you want to send a Mail Merge to more than one recipient without cc / bcc simply separate Recipient addresses with a comma.

5. Send PDF as attachment: To send your generated document as a PDF, please ensure you have checked both boxes "Convert generated documents to PDF" in the Document Merge section and "


NB: If you don't want to use the Mail Merge feature, please uncheck the box before 

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