STEP 3 - Configure the Document Merge section

1. Start the add-on.




G Merge: Mail & Doc Merge with Attachments will automatically generate the columns requested by the system. These columns will be in green


Turn the green slider at the bottom right hand corner ON if you want to use automatic blue columns provided by G Merge: Mail & Doc Merge with Attachments. These can be handy if you want to use the Mail Merge function to email your generated documents to recipients





2. Choose a Template from your drive.

Note that you can use our sample template, available at the first add-on run.

3. Choose a destination folder.

This folder will contain all your automatically generated documents.

4. Check the box Convert generated documents to PDF if desired.

You will find the link to your generated documents under the green column Document URL


5. Check your tags are all green.

Fix those that are red





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