How can I upgrade from Form Workflow to Form Workflow Plus?

1. Install Form Workflow Plus.

2. Link your Google Form to a new spreadsheet

  • Choose Form => Edit Form on your spreadsheet
  • Click "Responses" on your Google Form
  • Click on the 3 little buttons on the top right





  • Choose "Select response destination"
  • Choose "Create a new spreadsheet" then click on CREATE





  • Click on "View responses in Sheets"



3. Delete all rows that have been copied to this new spreadsheet

All your approvals from Form Workflow will be on the old spreadsheet. If there are requests "Waiting for approval" they will be processed with Form Workflow on the old spreadsheet.



4. Start Form Workflow Plus on the new spreadsheet. Set-up your approval steps and reviewers. 

Instructions for setting up your workflow can be found  here

5. Turn OFF Form Workflow on your old spreadsheet.


All workflows "Waiting for validation" will be processed. You will still be able to be to push a reminder email to reviewers to process workflows "Waiting for validation"


If you no longer need to use push a reminder to reviewers to process requests "Waiting for validation" remove Form Workflow add-on. 

From your spreadsheet: Add-ons => Manage add-ons => Form Workflow Add-on => Manage => Remove

From the G Suite admin panel: Apps => Marketplace apps => Click on Form Workflow. Up in the top right hand corner you will find the trash bin. Click on the trash bin to Remove the app.

Once all your requests have been processed on the old spreadsheet you can copy the tab with all your data to your new spreadsheet.







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