What does "It seems you are not authorized to access this validation form" mean?



A Reviewer will get the above message if the email address trying to approve a submitted request is not recognised by Form Workflow Plus as the Reviewer.

The Workflow creator can copy the FW - ID number in their gmail search bar to see who this request has been sent to.

The FW - ID can be found in the hidden column of your spreadsheet



The email address in the to: field should approve/decline the request.






Warning: Group email addresses should not be used in Form Workflow Plus.

Group email addresses will be sent to all individual members of the group but as our application cannot know the individual email addresses in the group email, the individual members will not be recognized for the validation.

If this has happened, the workflow creator should proceed as follows:

  • change the group email address in the approval step to the individual email addresses of the group
  • delete the FW - ID number in the hidden column on the spreadsheet
  • refresh the sidebar. There will now be a "Not Processed" Request
  • click "Not Processed" in the sidebar. This will generate a FW - ID number and a new email will be sent to reviewer/s requesting approval.
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