Webapp release notes

September 5, 2017


  • History Log - shows log of card's column changes done in the board
  • Option to archive a card
  • Full screen mode


  • Conversation view: Added button to open thread in popup
  • New Action UIs - Carousel, Vertical List, Quick Replies, Youtube Player


  • New fields - Estimated time, Actual Time, Progress
  • New sidebar to show KPI Reports
  • UI improvements
  • Auto Task now supports french language
  • New Columns in Task list - Board, Last Updated
  • Added way to filter by creator and assignee
  • Ability to export task list to csv


  • Now supports multiple email addresses and phone numbers


  • Button to add drive file in WR if applicable
  • Button to open file conversation if applicable


  • Search Results can now be filtered by type


  • event tab now displays in calendar view


  • Conversation view is now the default chat view when creating new rooms

Smart Popup

  • New tab for card's board history


  • Major performance improvements

Service Room

  • Implemented Inbox view instead of conversation view
  • Setting a default chatbot to answer requestors
  • Human Taking over a conversation on demand

July 21, 2017

New features:

  • Option to enable/disable auto task for a workroom with webapp
  • Support auto task feature on the backend

July 12, 2017

New features:

  • Option to copy a contact, drive, file, message, note, event, task, email from a room to another room

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Standardised UI of resource previews in smart popup
  • Drive tab: default to google drive view
  • Fixed French translations in My Room Tasks tab
  • Fixed google drive upload issue when logged in for too long
  • Fixed styling on nested lists in Note Preview
  • Fixed Doubling Entries on Conversation View

June 21, 2017

New features:

  • Option to copy a contact from a room to another room

June 15, 2017

New features:

  • Attachment of Clipped Emails, via the extension or room’s email address, are now uploaded automatically in the Room’s File Tab
  • Add To Contacts - In how to clip emails modal, adding email of room in user's google contacts
  • Added button to toggle sidebar - More real estate for boards!
  • New Favourites section in Room list sidebar


May 24, 2017

New features:

    • Boards Tab - new Workroom tab. Displays Kanban board for organizing Chat conversations or implementing workflows.
    • Dedicated Admin Page per Account - shows only Account Stats for now. place where we can add enterprise admin management features (https://admin-dot-wizy-workroom.appspot.com)
    • Option to do Custom Sorting of Room Categories  - Users can now choose to custom sort Room categories from the Manage Room Categories page
    • Send/Forward an Email to a WorkRoom -  Users can the workrooms email address in the email tab.
    • Room Level Notification -  Each room now have their own notification settings
    • Message Hashtags

May 3, 2017

New features:

      • Cloud Storage for files - Users can now select between WizyRoom Server or Google Drive when enabling the Files tab for a room.
      • Deletion of Resources - Users can now delete any resources from the resources’ tab or from the Chat stream. Note: Deleting a Message/Resource that is a start of thread/conversation will result to the deletion of all replies and resources under it.
      • Manage Room Categories - Users can now add/remove/update room categories from the admin page. Categories now also have an “Access” option to set who can add rooms to it.
      • Manage Teams -  Users can now create Teams from the admin page. Created Teams will be available in the “Add Room Member” popup for easy selection of users to add in a room
      • Forgot Password Button in Login page -  for users who forgot their username and password
      • Dedicated Embed Workroom Link for integrating a specific workroom in an iFrame - all sidebars + rooms members list are hidden when using this link eg: https://chatbot-dot-wizy-workroom.appspot.com/workroom/GENERAL?embed=1

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

      • French Translation Improvements
      • Update Chat page based on our Mobile UX
      • Manage Users UI Improvements
      • Communication Rooms
      • Fixed issue of copy/pasting a content with links when creating Notes

March 22, 2017

New features:

      • Chabot Action buttons
      • Edit of Contacts now possible
      • Support for multiple logged in domain - users can now have different domains logged in simultaneously on different devices
      • Room Description now displayed in Room’s Header

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

      • Conversation View UX improvements
      • AutoComplete of mentions disabled in chat rooms
      • Task assignee now displayed in Task Card in Chat Stream
      • Logout Button for external users now found in MyRoom page
      • Email Tab: Sorts by created date

December 22, 2016

New features:

        • New option to not add invited user in general room in invite user popup

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

        • Chatbots no longer added in general room automatically on create
        • Search improvements (from:<email> operator now possible)
        • Email Clipping setting now enabled by default

November 15, 2016(V 2016.11.15)

New features

        • Collapsible Room Categories
        • Users who still haven’t accepted the invite can now be added into workrooms
        • Now possible for Domain admins to invite users into the account from the Room page

UI/UX Improvements

        • New layout of Reply, Edit, Delete buttons in each chat message
        • Reply button in each of the items in Task and Drive Page
        • Chatbox in Main chat stream disappears if sidebar is open
        • Reply Messages in main chat stream now have similar layout as the Main chat (eg: link, file thumbnails of a reply are now displayed in chat stream)
        • Task Detail is now displayed in Popup like Note and Email
        • Note and Email now always open in a popup (never in sidebar)
        • Invites are resent if user tries to enter email address of an already invited user


        • Bug Fixes
        • Chrome Extension : Contacts are now available for clipping
        • Chrome Extension : Pop-up menu will have Toggle sidebar
        • Chrome Extension :Clip page option
        • Mobile app: Search module added

November 02, 2016(V 2016.11.02)

New features

        • Generic invite link per account is now available for account admins to share to anyone who needs to join their team
        • Chatbot Message Privacy feature - (On demand feature)
        • Rich Text support for Notes
        • It’s now possible to add chatbots inside “My Room”
        • New message notification synchronization between mobile and webapp
        • TeamName now is displayed in the AppBar replacing “WizyRoom”

UI/UX Improvements

        • Improved Note Create/Update/View UI
        • Task page: Renamed “Kanban” to “Board”
        • Improved UI of the drop area when dragging a file to make it more obvious
        • Task List: auto sort is disabled for newly created tasks
        • Chatbots now have specific tag(BOT) in the Room members list
        • Link Thumbnails are no longer displayed when message is viewed in the sidebar


        • Bug Fixes
        • Public API : Incoming Webhook: supports open_sidebar payload to automatically open sidebar

October 17, 2016 (V 2016.10.18 follow-up release)

New features

        • New Chabot Management (admin menu)
        • Search improvement


        • Bug Fixes

October 14, 2016 (V 2016.10.14)

New features

        • Improved WizyRoom Search
          • Cross room search now possible
          • “My Mentions” button in Notifications popup to quick search everyone who mentioned you
          • New Search page UI
          • ( + ) operator now possible if you want to search 1 key words at the same time
        • New Room list dropdown in the appbar for quick Room filtering and switching
        • Email Notifications Settings in “My Account > Preferences” page
        • New Integrations page in WizyRoom Admin Page
        • Deletion of Room categories now available in “Manage Rooms” admin page
        • Customer Rooms: now possible to update and delete contacts
        • Desktop Notifications now clickable
        • Added button to reset Domain token
        • Outgoing/Incoming Webhook Improvements
          • Posting a reply via public API now possible
          • Privacy Feature now available
          • Owner’s Name and Mention name now included in Outgoing webhook payload

UI/UX Improvements

        • New task List layout
        • Thumbnails in Chat Stream now clickable
        • Added Refresh button in “Manage Users” page
        • Improved “Add Members to Room” popup
        • Warning message asking user to update plan if he's getting an error in invite because of insufficient license stock
        • Substream View: display Owner's name instead of his email
        • Substream View: View More/View Less button implemented in Long chats


        • Bug Fixes

September 13, 2016 (V 2016.09.13)

Core version

      • Room creation and management
      • 3 majors tabs for collaboration : chat, task, Drive integration
      • Room membership management
      • Room category available : Workroom, Customer room
      • Chrome extension version 1 available
      • Android mobile app version 1 available
      • Chat, notes, tasks, events, Google docs available
      • Conversation mode active
      • More tab give access to notes, links and email clipped
      • Notification system active
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