Form Workflow stopped sending approval emails. I have to push manually all the time. Is there another solution?

We put in place the possibility to process manually as today this is the only work-around possible if triggers stop working on your current spreadsheet.

To process manually:

  • Refresh Form Workflow sidebar
  • Click on "Not Processed". This will generate a FW - ID number and a new email will be sent to reviewer requesting approval.


The other option is to link your Form to a new spreadsheet to activate triggers once again. You will need to activate the add-on on this new spreadsheet and set up your reviewers.


On your current spreadsheet, choose Form // Edit Form. On your Form click on Responses then the 3 dots to the right. 





This will open the page where you can "Choose response destination"



Choose "Create a new spreadsheet"


Click on "View responses in Sheets"






All your form responses will be copied to this new spreadsheet. Delete these rows as all responses with Form Workflow status will be on your former spreadsheet.

All rows left on the new spreadsheet will have new Form Workflow IDs generated when the first Form is submitted for approval. 


Start processing your Form responses on this new spreadsheet











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