What's the difference between Manager, User and Owner roles?

At Account level:


  • have access to the Billing section (plans, payments)
  • + Managers permissions


  • have access to the account preferences : options language
  • have access to the integration: API and bots (creation, setup, ...)
  • manage users : create/update/remove users and define roles
  • manage rooms:  archive/unarchive, rooms options, categorization (attach rooms to a category to setup the menu)
  • can create room categories
  • + Users (end users) permissions


  • can create a room (and be a room manager) and/or be invited into any room as a member
  • cannot create a room category (menu)

At Room level:

  • Room managers: can add and remove members + members permissions
  • Room members: can view the content and contribute into the room




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