Can I set up additional remark fields available to the Reviewers ?

  • Additional remarks are added in a similar way to the way you add validation steps.
  • A remark is a free form text that you can name as you please.
  • You can add up to 4 additional remarks that will appear on each reviewer’s email & form
  • Remarks WILL ONLY be available to the reviewer step 1.
  • If step 1 declines, the process stops.


1. Click on "Setup additional remarks" and add your remarks




2. Reviewer one adds remarks in the validation module they receive via email



3. If "Send back to requestor" is allowed in the Advanced tab requestor will receive email response will additional remarks



4. 2nd reviewer, if applicable, will get original submitted form as well as the section with the
additional remarks.




3rd reviewer, if applicable, will not see level 1 remarks

Each next level will see the previous remark and NOT ALL previous remarks. For example with have 2 levels second reviewer will see the first reviewer remarks but if we have 3 levels second reviewer will see the first reviewer remarks and 3rd reviewer will see the second reviewer remark.






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