Step 4 - Advanced settings

Going to the Advanced tab of Form Workflow Plus will give you some more options.


 1/ Responses settings 

=> In order to enable "Send back to requestor" functionality, complete first 3/, then tick "Allow Send back to requestor"

=> Tick "Allow on Hold" to authorize reviewers to put requests on hold


2/ Validation auto reminder

Click on "Activate reminder" for reviewers to be reminded by email once a day of all their pending "Waiting for validation" requests.

3/ Requestor email

Select the Sheet column containing the requestor(s) email address, in order to enable "Send back to requestor" functionality in response settings 1/  

4/ Final notification

Enter the email address of the person(s) you want to be notified in cc of the final notification to the requestor.

5/ Email template 

Click on + to personalize your email template.

Choose from the available fields list to personalize your template.


Additional remarks configuration

Why doesn't our workflow notification show proper values?


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